Where the water runs deep

Through our spring and through our people

Our Story

Deep within the Cheviot Hills, Northumberland, beneath acres of windswept gorse, wildflower and rock, flows our most important ingredient: the crystal-clear waters of the spring Hadrian’s Well.

Thirty years ago, we built a factory around our borehole into the spring, which meant that the only time our spring water deviated from its course, is when we bottled it.

And it’s exactly the same today.


Care, Skill
and Passion

We make it our mission to do nothing to compromise the freshness of our water, nor the quality of our customers’ product. Everything we do is done with the utmost care and skill by according to our own time-honoured methods.

And that matters. After all, what good’s the best water in the world, if you don’t have the people to keep it that way? So not only are our people good to work with; they’re also deeply passionate about what they do.


Service, training
and relationships

Through a combination of spring water and great people, we’ve become one of the UK’s leading specialist contract bottlers. Over the years, we’ve built long-term relationships with many of our customers, making sure that together we deliver outstanding value and quality every single time.

As part of this, we’re implementing strategies to address social and environmental issues that matter to our business and our customers. This means investing in both our facilities and our people, so that we can continue to create delicious drinks in partnership with our customers and for our brands.



Like any responsible company, operating a sustainable business is really important to us. All our ingredients and containers are sourced in the UK, from the water (straight from our spring) and flavours to the bottles. Likewise, all products are bottled at source so the only travelling they do is from our plant to your store.

We carry this approach into our social responsibility initiatives. We have firm policies on issues like PET, sugar and obesity reduction strategies, as well as initiatives for the efficient use of resources, reducing our carbon footprint and alternative offset plans.

Our Accreditations

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