Perfectly Clear gets a fresh new look!

Perfectly Clear, one of the first flavoured water brands to be produced in the UK, is responding to growing market interest with a bold brand refresh. Clearly Drinks has invested heavily on the fresh look, as part of a company-wide growth strategy to meet a sharp rise in demand for low calorie and sugar-free soft drinks.

The rebrand puts emphasis on modernising the brand, placing focus on its crystal-clear water, natural fruit flavours and zero sugar content, and will be implemented across the range. Perfectly Clear will be introducing Elderflower Sparkling 500ml to its range.

In addition to the vibrant new packaging, investment is being made in an integrated marketing campaign both online and offline; including the launch of a fresh new website, revamped POS, promotional and new exhibition material. Alongside this, investment has also been made to expand the sales force offering dedicated service and communication points to its customers.

The Perfectly Clear core range contains no artificial colours or flavours, has zero sugar content, is made with spring water and is bottled at source. The range has seen a sales value increase of 23% (2017 vs 2016) and the new Perfectly Clear Whisper range, which launched just six months ago, has already sold close to one million bottles.

Katerina Gilbert, Marketing Director at Clearly Drinks, said:

“This is an exciting time for Perfectly Clear. With the growing demand for sugar-free soft drinks, we knew it was time to reinvigorate the look and feel of our brand. Following on from our own in-depth consumer research, the new look is aimed at both consumers and retailers who want a vibrant and eye-catching brand that is full of flavour but with the added health benefits of no added sugar content. We’re looking forward to seeing the new designs in circulation as well as a fresh new website and promotional tools to go alongside it.”